Therapy - Specific Immunotherapy

Allergies can be treated in different ways. In comparison to medicine that treats merely the symptoms without regarding the cause of the decease the specific Immunotherapy (SIT) is the only way to build up an immunologic tolerance to the allergens in order to achieve a lasting prevention of symptoms. The SIT which is also called hyposensibilization, is a causal treatment which aims to elimate the hypersensitivity. Innovative and easy-and-quick-to-use therapies are the Cluster-Therapy and the perlingual therapy. Applying the specific immunotherapy the patient’s immune system is continuously challenged with increasing doses of the causative allergen resulting in an adjusting process to the substance and therefore to a decrease of the allergic symptoms or even to a complete cure. It is recommendable to start a SIT very early because the allergy is likely to deteriorate if not treated.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy (SCIT)

The Subcutaneous Immunotherapy is applied by the doctor injecting doses of allergen extracts into the upper arm. In case of using conventional SCIT form of therapy the initial phase of this treatment takes mostly several months of weekly injections of increasing doses by the doctor. By contrast the modern form of SCIT-therapy (Cluster-Therapy) makes is possible to inject the maximum dose of allergen on the first day of treatment. After the injection of this maximum dose is normally only a weekly visit to the doctor necessary. The whole treatment takes approximately 3 years. The cluster-therapy is prescribed by allergy specialists.

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

The sublingual Immunotherapy can be applied by the patient himself at home. The allergen-solution will is given unter the tongue ( = sublingual) and kept there for two minutes before swallowing it. The perlingual therapy is applied by using an easy-to handle spray and has to be prescribed by an allergy specialist.