ROXALL Medizin acquires
BIALs Allergene department

Hamburg/Bilbao, 6. Februar 2017 – ROXALL Medizin in Hamburg and the Portuguese Pharma group BIAL have signed a contract. ROXALL takes over the allergy-section that, till now, was known as BIAL-Aristeguí. With this acquisition ROXALL provides the base for further growth. The corporation in Bilbao is leading in the sector of specific immunotherapy and allergy investigation, one of their focuses being the investigation of recombinant allergens. Being close to important scientists is one advantage of the new production plant as well as an increase of productivity in order to be able to satisfy the constantly increasing demand. “With the impressive technology of the production plant in Bilbao the ROXALL group gains a great potential in order to further explore new methods of therapy for the most important allergens worldwide”, says ROXALLs director Dr. Cem Gegin. With its strong position in the allergy section and its expertise in ultramodern technologies developing and manufacturing allergy preparations, ROXALL becomes one of the leading providers worldwide. Patients suffering from allergies will benefit even more from the development of innovative technologies and new therapies.

Focus on research

From now on ROXALL is represented on four continents. The market for allergy therapeutics is a globally rising market in which ROXALL already takes an important position with highly polymerized preparations. With the acquisition of the Spanish allergy-specialist ROXALL increases its focus on research and pursues its international roll-out, the consolidation of its European business as well as the development of future products in which it will invest even more.

ROXALL Medizin

ROXALLs success is primarily based on highly polymerised preparations with an extremely short initiation phase, so called cluster-immunotherapy, that can be initiated co-seasonal or even perennial. ROXALL was one of the initiators in the field of CLUSTOIDS. With its ideas and new methods for specific immunotherapy the treatment of allergies has become much easier. This therapy (also known as hyposensibilisation) is the only treatment accepted as one that tackles the causes of the symptoms at its source and which prevents asthma as well as new sensitizations. With its high quality standard and the permanent improvement of its products ROXALL has become one of the leading, exploratory pharmaceutical companies in the field of specific immunotherapy.